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Permanent Change

Permanent Change

Ever needed a change, but didn't know how to get it.  Well, here's a project that will take you to a place where you're listening to and singing prayers to the Lord that will enlighten your heart and give you courage to make changes as the Lord leads you. On another note, you may be just fine right now, but know someone who is in need of real change.  This would be a perfect gift. It is ministry to the heart of man, woman, boy or girl that will flow into the heart of the Lord to bring about that "permanent change" that only He can provide.

1. Permanent Change
2. Just Livin'
3. Jesus Will Still Be There
4. You Luv Me
5. Greatly Praise Your Name
6. I Sing Praises
7. My Cup Runneth Over
8. For All That You Have Done
9. Age is Nothing But A Number
10. Time to Walk in Prosperity
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