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FOCUS 2017

Talk about scary incidents in a seeming "Wild, Wild West" society, God is sooooo good! Was on the way home from an event one night a few weeks ago and was talking to my husband on a FaceTime call (something, I probably shouldn't have been doing). Upon seeing a group of young boys walking down the street and wondering what they were doing out without parents that time of night, I nonchalantly passed them, came to a red light and stopped. Soon after, one of the boys in a hoodie aggressively tapped on the passenger side window with a gun pointing it at me as he shouted and tried to open the door.

Funny thing is, a couple weeks prior while sitting at a stop light, I had the random imagination of what I would do if someone pointed a gun at me and tried to rob or carjack me. I pondered several scenarios in my mind finally coming to the conclusion that the only thing to do would be to put my foot on the gas to accelerate. It was almost like a rehearsal for what actually happened.

When the guy tapped on the window with the gun, trying to open the door, I panicked for a second in disbelief, but quickly accelerated thru the red light and got away. Thank God, there was no impeding traffic. I immediately called the police, as had my husband, and it was amazing how quickly they were on it with helicopter and search lights. They apprehended 2 of the alleged group, had me to discretely try to identify them, and later a team came to my home and dusted my passenger door for fingerprints.

What an experience, but I was safe and sound with a very real sense that the Lord had prepared, protected and preserved me as only He can.


My purpose for sharing any of this is to encourage you to "Focus in 2017" and beyond. Focus on what? The ABSOLUTE VITAL thing in life. There are many things in life that are important and even essential, however there are few that are absolutely VITAL to your very existence no matter what.

Yes, relationships with spouse, family and friends is extremely important; financial security and making a living is extremely important, even good health is extremely important. Truth is, when it comes to life and death realities and the fact that tomorrow is promised to no one (Proverbs 27:1; James 4:13-14), the one ABSOLUTE VITAL is your relationship with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

My husband, my closest friend and love of my life, was there with me on the phone that frightful night, but could do absolutely nothing to save me in that moment. If things had gone another way and I didn't make it beyond that night, I am secure that the ABSOLUTE VITAL relationship was and is in place.

"For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore,

whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s." Romans 14:8.

This is one of my favorite scriptures and has helped me through many scary times and challenges. It can do the same for you if it rings true to your life.

The fact that my ABSOLUTE VITAL relationship with the Lord was and is in place, it made all the difference that scary night. I believe He had warned me weeks before, preparing me for the incident. He had protected and preserved me from being hurt, shot or killed. The thing I was most grateful for was actually knowing that no matter what happened, I would continue to be with Him!

The past few weeks have yielded some pretty surprising and unexpected challenges for me and others that I know. I have attended 2 funerals in one day of relatively young people, 1 of which was a suicide. I have yet another in days from now that was a young person with a tragic end. This, along with what happened to me, makes me increasingly aware that time is winding down for us all at any age and the urgency to pour out my heart in an effort to convince all who will take note, to get your "2017 Focus" on the ABSOLUTE VITAL while you still have the chance.


If you don't have the assurance of heart you need to know that no matter what, you will be with the Lord, please pray the following prayer and watch the Lord begin to move in your heart and life to give that assurance and much, much more in life and death.

"God, I come to you right now. I confess that I have sinned and come short of your glory time after time (Romans 3:23). I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that you raised Jesus from the dead, therefore, according to your Word, I can be saved right now (Romans 10:9-10,13). Jesus, come into my heart, save me, set me free, deliver me and make me whole. Fill me with the power of Your Holy Spirit who will lead and guide me into all truth, Your ways. I give you my life right now. I am now your child, please lead me to the church of your choice so I can be routed and grounded in your Word, and learn Your plan and focus for my life. I pray all of this in the Name of Jesus and I believe that IT IS SO!"

If you prayed this prayer, please contact me via email @ We'll pray with you and send you literature to help you get started on your new "2017 Focus" adventure in Christ.

Minister Vanessa Dale Coleman

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